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News - Final Teaser: Autumn Update 2014 -

Final Teaser: Autumn Update 2014

First a reminder on the things we already teased you with:
Revamp of the Erebos Worldquest
Come to Erebos and help regaining the control of the islands defence towers. Fight back the unholy hordes of Biestig the beastlord by taking and defending the tower on each of the rings of the volcano to gain access to the underground tunnels and finally face the beastlord himself.

New Boss Battles for High-Level Players (100+)
Match your prowess against the ancient evil that is rising on the islands Erebos and Ephialtis.
Face Biestig the beast lord in a challenging battle and break his control over the unholy army that is pouring out of the volcano. And who knows, you might even discover his secret and gain a brand new rare high-level pet.
Or challenge Mutabor the deceiver. Once a priest to both good and evil, and now the most ancient and powerful lich. Prevent him from ripping the veil of reality which would allow chaos to spill into and destroy the world.
Your reward will be a full new set of new powerful rare weapons and the possibility to upgrade your existing legendary armour sets.

New Weapons and Armour Upgrades
Help the mastersmiths Wieland and Alberich on their quest to surpass the knowledge of the ancients. Bring them the powerful magic relicts you can collect in the battles against the new bosses to advance their research. With these and some rare elemental ore both smiths will be able to forge you weapons of exceptional power that will inspire legends.
And they can also help you by improving your legendary armour sets. Ever wanted to boost the existing protection of your armour or add a new one. With the help of the mastersmiths this will be possible. Just bring them the necessary materials and they will temporarily take your armour beyond the legendary.
As Wieland and Alberich are in constant need of ancient magic artefacts to fuel their research, they will take your surplus tokens from the existing boss battles and exchange them for raw materials.

New Rare Pet
Ever wanted a hellhound as a pet? Now you will have the chance. Face the beastlord Biestig in a challenging new boss battle and discover his secret of control. Then use it to tame your own three headed hound of hell.

Drop Rate Adjustment
You killed thousands of demonic fiends on Erebos and Ephialtis to get the legendary weapons and did not get any of them? Then don't be disappointed any longer. We adjusted the drop rates of the weapons so you will get them more frequently.

And now some new stuff we added recently:
Messengers of the Higher Powers
Are you angry and disappointed that you killed thousands and thousands of demonic fiends and didn't get a single legendary weapon? Well, the higher Powers have seen this injustice and sent their messengers Manel and Mirel to rectify this. Meet them on Erebos and Ephilatis and let them judge you. If they confirm your worthiness, you will receive some aid from the higher powers.

Ever wanted to fight another hero on a one on one basis and show him who is the better? Or are you a fan of watching other heroes prove their prowess when fighting each other? Then you should visit the new and free island of Colossea!
There you find three one on one pvp arenas where you and your friends or enemies can engage in undisturbed pvp matches with a time limit and prove who is the better. Or you can just use the training arena to improve your pvp skills without the danger of loosing anything. And of course you can also just go there and watch others fight.
In addition to the arena area Colossea is home to the brand new tournament area. For a small fee of platinum you can enter a hunting tournament and show the other players what a great hunter you are. The best 5 hunters of the tournament will be rewarded with prices of platinum. Of course there also are new highscores that show the ranking in the active tournament and the World hunting Champion.
But don't think becoming a champion would be easy. You will have to watch your back as you are hunting in a no-penalty-pvp-zone. Perhaps your pet can help you there.

So, this is the end of the final teaser.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-11-14

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